WebSphere Portal: Access Page Parameters from Portlet

I had a scenario where I wanted to retrieve certain WebSphere Page parameters that are setup on a page.
This occurred because we had a Portal Page and a Virtual Portal Page using the same Portlet, and
we wanted certain business logic to be applied depending upon the parameter setup via the admin console
for each of the respective pages.

I do not in any way admit to knowing exactly what is going on below here. It took a long time to
search the web and find this piece of information, and I hope someone else finds it here faster then
it took me to find it.

public Map retrieveStringsFromPageParameters(PortletRequest req, PortletResponse resp, List pageParamsToRetrieve){
Map toRet = null;
Context ctx = new InitialContext();

PortletServiceHome psh = (PortletServiceHome) ctx.lookup("portletservice/" + NavigationSelectionModelProvider.class.getName());

if (psh != null) {
ContentMetaDataModelProvider cmdmProvider = (ContentMetaDataModelProvider) psh.getPortletService(ContentMetaDataModelProvider .class);
ContentMetaDataModel cmdm = cmdmProvider.getContentMetaDataModel(req, resp);
NavigationSelectionModelProvider provider = (NavigationSelectionModelProvider) psh.getPortletService(NavigationSelectionModelProvider.class);
NavigationSelectionModel model = provider.getNavigationSelectionModel(req, resp);
NavigationNode selectedNode = (NavigationNode) model.getSelectedNode();

if (selectedNode != null) {
MetaData md = cmdm.getMetaData(selectedNode);

if(md != null){
toRet = new HashMap();
for(Iterator itr = pageParamsToRetrieve.iterator(); itr.hasNext(); ){
String pageParamToGet = (String) itr.next();
String pageParamValue = (String)md.getValue(pageParamToGet);

toRet.put(pageParamToGet, pageParamValue);
}catch (Exception e){
return toRet;
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