JMeter timestamps in excel

I’m doing some APM (app performance management) on a very sh!tty app written in 1995 for a migration from WebSphere 6.1 to WAS 7.0, and I ran into an issue when trying to paste some JMeter timestamps into an email. The formatting was all off when just highlighting the aggregate data and pasting it into an email, so I thought I’d try Excel.

To my surprise, the data was paste job into Excel went right into columns and rows, which was a nice perk. Unfortunately, the timestamps did not automatically port to dates, but luckily I found this formula, which will be useful in the future since we are using JMeter more and more for APM at work.

= (CELL_REFERNCE / 86400000) + 25569

After making the formula change above, and setting the column’s format to date, I was able to then select the table and paste it into an email for all to see.