AppDynamics License Issues


We renewed our AppDynamics license, and received the new license.lic file in an email like we always have. I FTP’d it over to our Controller, restarted it, and hit the home page, but it appeared that there was an issue:

I did the usual troubleshooting of restarting again (same result) and reverting to the original license.lic, but it failed too since the original license was out of date by a day. I opened a ticket with their support. We were using an on-premise and the latest version is 3.8.4. which was an issue since their license structure had drastically changed in one of the recent releases, causing this issue. Instead of trying to have them generate a new license for the the older Controller, I just upgraded to the latest Controller version: 3.8.4.

However, after the upgrade, we still had the same issue. Their support had me run the commands below, and send them the output.

/appd_home/bin/ login-db
SELECT * FROM accountG
/sbin/ifconfig -a

From this output, they were able to see that the machine’s MAC address had changed from what was originally on the AppD license. I followed up with our Unix team to ask if anything had changed on the machine’s VM, but nothing as far as they could see. So given this info, I could have had the Unix team change the MAC address, or just have AppD generate a new license with the new MAC address. We elected for AppD to generate a new license with the new MAC address since this was by far the least invasive option in our environment.

Hope this helps someone else going through an AppDynamics upgrade or license renewal from an older version.