Been a busy first few months of the year

Over the past couple of years, we were passively looking to move to a more rural area, and the wife was fortunate enough to come across a property that was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath on 5 acres not too far from town.  Moving out of the old house was pretty sad, but being out in the open spaces has been amazing.

Right before all of this went down, I decided to move the site from to is awesome, but I was paying for more than what I needed for this simple site. GoDaddy offered a cheaper price for just WordPress, which is all I really use (for now).

Now that we are pretty much settled into the new house, I hope to get back into posting some of the more interesting aspects of software that I come across, much like I did last year.  In my free time, I have been working on some PHP projects for fun, and hope to get more into that space on this blog in addition to the new things in Java that I do by day.

I have also been managing the [Everything IT near Waco]( Meetup.  This area has been interesting in that it has a lot of IT people, but few seem to be as interested in networking with other IT-ers in the area.  Maybe it’s just me.  Either way I’ve paid for a year’s worth of Meetup fees, so I’ll persist on, and re-evaluate next winter.

My goal is to have at least 2 posts per month for the rest of the year, starting in May.  It’s now on the web for all 4 of the bots that hit this page to see, which means I must not disappoint them, and make it happen.