netgear wndr4000 router firmware issues

I purchased a Netgear wndr4000 router, and it worked fine for about a month. After a month, I upgraded my internet cable (b/c upgrading to 30Mbps was cheaper), while performing this upgrade, I looked at the router and noticed a firmware update was available. I am always slow to upgrade (let others find bugs, right?), but I figured hey, I’m in the admin console, why not? This firmware update has probably been out a while and the bugs have been worked out. Poor assumption on my part.

So I upgraded to firmware version: WNDR4000-V1.0.0.90_9.1.79. And that is where the fun began. The wireless on 2.4Ghz was spotty at best. (I’m waiting to upgrade wireless cards for the 5Ghz, so it was never tested) I called my ISP multiple times to check their systems and everything was ok on their end. I also directly connected to the router and that worked just fine. The other odd aspect of this update was that over wifi, my work laptop’s VPN connection would work fine.

The problem appeared to be limited to the wireless, and the only thing I know that I changed was the firmware. So far, I have fixed the problem by downgrading my firmware to: WNDR4000-V1.0.0.88_9.1.77.chk.

Hope this helps someone else out on the interwebs.