ServiceMix-3.3 build issues

While building ServiceMix-3.3 from source via Maven, I received the following Exception:

After researching it a little bit through Google and not making much head-way, I finally remembered: I am behind a proxy!

I then added the following (w/ my settings) to my settings.xml file, and things worked great:


Maven SNAPSHOT setup:


After all of these fixes, the ServiceMix .war file was created. Install the application via the Geronimo Console:

Splunk installation 4.0

Found some old notes on Splunk 4.0 installation, which were amusing to review since all of my feature complaints have been fixed over the years.

  • windows file/dirs to monitor
    • \server_name\C$\Program Files (x86)\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01\logs
  • admin
    • u: admin
    • p: changeme
  • The notifications are very much sub par. Especially when you adding a File/Directory.
    When you click the (Manager » Data inputs » Files & Directories » Add New >> save), it only updates the
    “save” button to “saving”. It should pop up some sort of over-lay and more clearly state what is going on
  • It would be nice if there was a simple link to reference the options on the Manager » Data inputs » Files & Directories » Add New page
  • had to mount my network drives
  • So far, getting Splunk up and running is easy. However, actually using its functionality is proving to be more complicated.
    I continue to see lists of what it CAN do, but I am not finding good documentation on HOW to do it.
  • Search->Summary page
    • is where I can find all of my indexed data at a high level
  • installed a bunch of local files, but saved them as the wrong host name. I then wanted to change the host name, so I did and saved it.
    but it was not showing up as the new name in other areas of the site. When I looked at the properties of the Data Input, it had the new name.
    It was just not showing up in other areas.

    I hope I do not have to restart the server for a rename to take place.

    I have deleted it, and plan to start over to see if that works. This did not work. It still comes up as the original name value.
    Restarting the server allowed it to show up, but now I wonder if it did not show up b/c it was still in the process of indexing
    the directory. That dir alone is well over 100 meg.

  • Forwarding & Receiving
    • process
      • add forward
      • restart
      • setup Default value to not save copy
      • restart
      • add log files to monitor
  • Popular CLI commands
    • turn on/off Light Forwarder
      • ./splunk enable app [SplunkForwarder|SplunkLightForwarder] -auth :
      • ./splunk disable app SplunkLightForwarder
      • ./splunk enable app SplunkLightForwarder
    • add Data Inputs
      • ./splunk add tail /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppServer/logs/ -hostname wastest01_logs
      • for existing
        • ./splunk edit tail /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppServer/logs/ -hostname wastest01_logs
    • add forwarder
      • ./splunk add forward-server portal03:9997 -auth admin:changeme
    • list inputs
      • ./splunk cmd listtails
      • use this to go through your splunk/etc/system/local/inputs.conf
  • Duplicates, whitelist, blacklist
  • Back button!
    • if the back button would take me to the previous search, that would be awesome!
    • hopefully this is in 4.1